Hiring A Personal Or A Private Chef: Which is right for you?

Hiring-a-chefI have recently decided to change my service from that of a Personal Chef to a Private Chef. As a Personal Chef, I did not like the fact that the integrity of my food relied on you, the client, and your ability to reheat. I prefer to cook and serve immediately as one of the things I love about being a chef is being able to see and hear you enjoying the cuisines I have made. As I began to discuss this change with current clients, I realized that most of you do not understand the differences between these 2 types of chefs, Personal and Private, and which would be best for your family.

As you, and millions of others, seek alternative, healthier sources of food, you are quickly discovering that hiring a chef is a possibility. If interested in hiring a chef for your family, you must decide whether it is a Personal Chef or a Private Chef that better fits your needs.

There are many factors to consider when comparing a Personal Chef and a Private Chef. If you are like most people, the first influence on your decision would and should be pricing. Figuring out what each chef costs and what you can afford is a great first step.

A Personal Chef is usually the more economical choice if money is a factor in the decision-making process. Personal Chefs tend to have several clients that they cook for on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even on a monthly basis. This factor tends to make them more affordable than a Private Chef whose sole source of income typically is derived from full-time work for one client, or sometimes two if part-time.

Secondly, your cooking ability should play a major role in helping to choose between the two types of chefs. If you have absolutely no cooking knowledge or skills, the chef who ensures the least amount of cooking time is probably the best choice and vice versa.

Usually weekly, biweekly, or even monthly, a Personal Chef will prepare a bulk amount of food in your kitchen, or sometimes in a commercial kitchen depending on your arrangement with them. This food will then be refrigerated or frozen for you to enjoy at your leisure in your home. With this type of service, you do not have to have a huge amount of culinary skills but you should be able to work your way around a kitchen a bit. You will have to do some cooking, a lot of reheating, and possibly even a bit of grilling if your chef marinates meats for you to prepare yourself. This leaves the quality of the finished product in your hands which requires the ability and desire to want to do some of your own cooking, and cleaning as well for that matter.

A Private Chef will also prepare food in your kitchen; however, it will not be in bulk amounts. Your chef will prepare one to three meals daily, or more depending on your needs. These meals will be immediately served to you and your family restaurant-style. This service allows for complete freedom from the kitchen as there will be no cooking of any type involved. Your chef will also tidy up after themselves so you always have a clean kitchen without any of the labor.

You must also evaluate your family’s schedule. Do you have time for sit down meals; or is it just grab-and-go for your household? This can be a huge influence in your decision on which chef to hire. If you’re an extremely busy family, having a Private Chef there to prepare meals is silly if no one is there to eat them. However, a Personal Chef would be a great choice as the members of your family could simply pull the meals from the refrigerator, reheat, and eat when they have the time. In reverse, if your family has time to sit down and eat at particular times during the day, then a Private Chef may be something you should consider.


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