The Greatest Mother’s Day Gift Idea

mothers-dayMother’s Day is quickly approaching! This year’s date is Sunday May 12. While some search for ideas, most people are thinking, “Take Mom to dinner” for this special day but did you know that 75 million Americans are also planning to take their mother’s out to eat on Mother’s Day according to the National Restaurant Association? How unique is that?

“But Mom wants to go to a restaurant!”, you say? Do you know the #1 reason 51% of mothers choose this option? They are the ones cooking normally for family events. They simply want a break from cooking! 27% of mothers say they choose a restaurant as a way to socialize with family and friends. The ability to create lasting memories is the reason behind 16% of mothers choice of eating at a restaurant on Mother’s Day. 6% of mothers who choose a restaurant for Mother’s Day are Foodies and would choose this option for most occasions.

What if you could give your Mom each of those options all while surprising her with something special and unique this year! Get together with your siblings and simply hire a Private Chef to truly indulge your mother on Mother’s Day! Here’s a few ideas.

One idea is to host a dinner party, serve all of her favorite foods, and invite all her favorite people. This is sure to be a night she will never forget with plenty of laughter and family fun! If your family is small and/or dinner isn’t your Mom’s cup of tea, why not try a cocktail party with gourmet hors d’oeurves? This can create a stylish ambiance your mother may enjoy!

If your mother is more of a private person, your chef can provide a private dinner for just her and/or a significant other. This dinner can consist of 3 to 7 courses and come complete with wine pairings and more if requested. You can even give Mom a gift certificate so she can enjoy this dinner at her leisure as 1/5 of mothers say this is their preferred gift!

Indulge a ‘Foodie Mom’ with a private cooking lesson (or invite a few of her friends for a group lesson). Your Mom can learn to cook like a ‘Top Chef’ while enjoying this special day designed especially for her. Lessons can range from beginner to advanced and include everything from international cuisines to BBQ and even dive into wine pairings and cocktail creation.

Hiring a Private Chef is a great alternative to visiting a restaurant this Mother’s Day. By choosing to provide your Mom with this unique experience, you will undoubtedly create a memory that will last a lifetime!

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