Seafood Sustainability: More Than Just A Food Trend

seafood-watch-logoThe National Restaurant Association (NRA) compiles a list each year entitled ”Top 10 Menu Trends”. This list is the most credible list of its kind for the relevance of its participants, nearly 2,000 American Culinary Federation (ACF) chefs, and the innovate information it provides. A large focus of the trends featured on the 2013 list was sustainability and the products and actions that help achieve this. A common theme was sustainable sources of meats, seafood, and produce. (National, 2012.).

Seafood sustainability has become an important topic of the sustainable food movement currently taking place in the food industry. Specific species that are plentiful are purposely fished because they reproduce quickly and are therefore able to keep their population sustained. These fish are generally the smaller type which tend to be lower on the food chain. This is done to replenish the oceans and better manage their resources. (Sustainable, n.d.).

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